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TREE-Mendous Delaware Tree Planting Sponsors

Delaware Botanic Gardens at Pepper Creek
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THANK YOU to the many donors who have supported this Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs project and the Delaware Botanic Gardens at Pepper Creek. We sincerely appreciate your gift and are proud to recognize the honorees you have named. 

Donations by non-members are invited and appreciated. It's a great way for you to honor a loved one,colleague or organization. Please print and complete the order form below and mail it to the address on your form with a check for $100 (or more, in $100 increments), made payable to DFGC. 100% of your donation will be passed through to Delaware Botanic Gardens.


Use the CONTACT tab at the top of this page for answers to any questions.

Please join us in thanking the most recent donors and recognizing their honorees. A complete list of all donors and honorees follows this abbreviated list.

  • Brandywine Garden Club in honor of Bill Graham

  • Silver Pine Garden Club in honor of Marilee Mullett

  • Plantation Lakes Garden Club in memory of Wallis May Scheeder

  • Gardeners by the Sea in memory of Joann Wood

  • Garden Gate Garden Club in honor of Garden Gate Garden Club

FULL LIST OF DONORS and the people they honored or remembered

through a donation to TREE-Mendous Delaware Tree Planting at Pepper Creek

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