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Pretty Garden

Standing Committees



Responsible for the investigation and research necessary to ascertain if any of the club activities merit recognition and/ or monetary rewards from the State, Regional and National clubs.

Chair: Donna Buono



Responsible for identifying and implementing beautification and community service activities.

Chairs: Sandy Daniels, Mary Kunst, Bev Boies, Chris Coppa

  • Operation Christmas Cheer- Sandy Daniels, Lili Oller, Ruth Boggs

  • Roadside Improvement, Tower Road- Cheryl Quirk, Mary Kunst, Sandy Daniels

  • Decoration of Historic Building, Dagsboro- Jackie Dietrich, Bev Boies

  • Horticulture Therapy, Roxanna CHEER Center- Mary Branagan, Pam Ritmiller

  • Roadside Improvement, Adopt a Highway- Jackie Dietrich, Joyce Keller

  • Civic Achievement, Bebee South Coastal Flower Pots- Chantal Bouchard, Cherie Farkosh

  • Public Education, Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids- Darlene Boerlege, Mary Kunst

  • Beach & Bay Cottage Tour- Ruth Boggs, Lynne White, Jenn Martin

  • Backpacks for Kids- Cherie Farkosh

  • Conservation, Beach Grass Planting- Sandy Daniels



Administrators to maintain the Coastal Gardeners Facebook page with current activities, pictures, and other interesting information or announcements. 

Co-Chairs: Donna Buono, Lynne White

HOSPITALITY - SOCIAL (including Cheer)

Duties include circulation a sign-up sheet for special events. Responsible for hosting the Welcome Table to greet members, make sure they sign in and welcoming guests and new members. Sending out cards for birthday's, illness and other reasons. Responsible for getting the club to meet, interact and have outing.

Chairs: Sally Scarangella, Sue Kohl, Robin Filipidis



Responsible for maintaining current member list to Executive Board and members. Place ads in paper for meetings as needed. Provide Bylaws, Standing Rules and Member List to new members.

Co-Chairs: Lynne White, Robyn Zagone


Responsible for submitting details of all club events for the DFGC newsletter according to DFGC publication schedule.  All other publicity (advertising of events/outcomes/results/success for projects) is the responsibility of each Project and Fundraiser Chair.

Chair: Pat Ranier


Designs and maintains the Coastal Gardeners Website. 

Chair: Sandy Fitt

WAYS & MEANS (fundraising)

Responsible for identifying and implementing projects, trips, and events that will raise funds for the club.

Chair: Darlene Boerlage, Lynne White



Responsible for producing a yearly publication highlighting information of club events and membership; preparing an informational brochure yearly for distribution to interested potential members.

Chair: Donna Plunkett 

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