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About Coastal Gardeners

Sunflower by Ray Bojarski

ISunset Over the Marsh by Ken Arni

Monarch by Ray Bojarski

Do you know how Coastal Gardeners (CG) got started...

Several Delaware Botanic Gardens (DBG) like-minded volunteers bonded together over their love of gardening and formed Coastal Gardeners in 2017.  And still today... many Coastal Gardeners members are docents at the gardens or help in different ways. Coastal Gardeners Membership has grown over the years to 40 strong, but our roots run deep in the community and our service projects reflect our passion to beautify, protect and conserve South Coastal Delaware's natural resources and still have time for fun and learning.


Coastal Gardeners is proud to be a member of National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC)Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs (DFGC), and The Central Atlantic Region of State Garden Clubs, Inc. (CAR-SGC). Affiliation with these organizations allows members to participate in various local, regional and national programs, projects, and educational opportunities.  Be sure to visit each website for more information.


Mission Statement
  1. Affiliate with DFGC, CAR-SGC, and the NGC.

  2. Aid in the protection and conservation of wildlife, our natural resources, and native plants.

  3. Promote interest and knowledge of all phases of gardening.

  4. Study and advance the fine arts of gardening: landscape, floral design, and horticulture.

  5. Promote community beautification.



CO-PRESIDENTS: Sandy Daniels (2021-2025) and Mary Kunst (2022-2024) - preside at CG General, Committee, Executive Board Meetings and represent CG at other garden meetings as needed.

CO-VICE PRESIDENTS (2023-2025): Robin Filipidis and Mary Branagan - serve as Program Chairpersons and will conduct club business in absence of President.


SECRETARY (2023-2025): Cathy Veale- keeps records of the club meetings and is the custodian of all records and papers pertaining to the office.

TREASURER (2023-2025): Linda Barbour- records all money received and all expenditures made and makes a full report at each Executive Board and membership meeting.


Coastal Gardeners is for everyone, whether or not you have a green thumb. Membership is open to all persons who are interested in the objectives of the club. Prospective members may visit two scheduled club meetings before requesting membership. Active members must pay annual dues ($40), attend at least five General Meetings per year and serve on at least one Standing and one Community Project.  


Meetings are held at 5:30 pm on the third Monday of the month at Millville by the Sea Clubhouse, 30794 Endless Summer Dr. in Millville, DE. Our evening hours are convenient for many who have daytime commitments.   

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